Thursday, 16 December 2010

Only 9 More Sleeps.


It seems ages since I updated here well there really has not been a lot happening, we are still up to our ears in snow and still freezing. I so wish the news/weatherman would stop calling this weather a cold snap or spell it has been been like this since the middle of November hardly a snap, we have had lying snow for three weeks it is so bad we now have a tractor going round the streets taking the snow away it is piled so high all along the roadside where people have been clearing their driveways etc..


Every night this year I have sat in bed and written my journal it is not a diary it is a spiral bound notebook. One thing I have done at the top of a page where I have started a new book I have written the title and the author.  At the moment I am copying all the titles on to a sheet to paper so I can save it on my PC I have been amazed just how many books I have read by a large variety of authors not got the final total yet but sure it will be interesting to me to find out.


Like everybody we have been trying to get ahead for Christmas, the cards are posted the tree is up and most to the food shopping and pressies bought just got to go out and find something for Stuart. We did buy the Wii as our Christmas but will have to get something for Christmas morning for him to open.

You may remember a few years back we bought single beds as I am such a bad sleeper, well we had single quilts too earlier this week I had had enough of  bits of me hanging out from beneath the quilt freeezing you know the bits I mean so on Monday we went out and bought two new double quilts, wow, what a difference its like sleeping in a cloud only thing is it makes it hard to get up in the morning I am so cosy. Only this is we are not matching cover wise at the moment but I have so many double quilt covers and single ones come to that I will wait for a bit,

TagzbyMissie Lovin from the oven_thumb[2] Thinks that’s about it for now if I don’t get back before Christmas I hope you all have a Very Peaceful and Happy Christmas.




Stuart said...

Ah yes the duvet problem. We bought a KIng size for our standard bed and that has made a the same huge difference.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have my old double bed but always buy Queen size comforters for it as I love having the extra warmth of it hanging over the edges too. Well lately it has been so cold that I've added a down filled throw over the top of that too. It does make me cozy and I know what you mean by saying you don't want to get up in the morning. My old house is quite drafty when the cold winds blow. Take care and stay warm and I wish you a very Happy Christmas too!

Angie said...

We did the same trick to take care of our frozen bits - a lovely 13.5 tog king size duvet for our double bed. Lovely.......much TOO lovely! Shame we never thought of it before our unexpected winter set in.

Keep safe and cosy.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I am not surprised you have read so many books ~ with your weather being so bad I doubt you have been able to get out much ~ That is a good idea buying a larger quilt ~ :O) ~ You take care and keep warm ~ Ally x

Sara said...

Will be interested to hear how many books you got through, Joan. Also, which was your favourite of the whole year?

I did that too, bought a kingsize quilt for my double bed. Super cosy :o)

Take care, stay warm and have a lovely Christmas! x

Jeanie said...

We recently bought single beds and like you have had to put double duvets on to tuck the draughts out! Like you too my duvet covers don't match which is annoying me. One day, I know, I will have to have them both alike.
My favourite book to read this year was 'The Shack'. By William Paul Young.
One blurb on the back says.. "This is the most heart-warming and inspirational story I have read in decades. If you only read one book in the next THE SHACK." - J. John
It is about a tragedy that confronts eternity.
You will want to pass this book on to others for sure.
Stay snuggly and safe from all that white stuff Joan. We just got another load of it this morning. Bah!
Jeanie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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