Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed in……


Good morning I thought I should put pen to paper so to speak and let you know what is happening up here the frozen north. We have almost 2 feet of snow and there is not a lot of movement other than neighbours digging themselves out. Everybody round here is off work nobody can get out of the street. I think one or two hardy soles tried earlier I just hope they can get back. Living in a small rural town nobody actually works here they all travel to work. There are papers today which has pleased Stuart no end, he had withdrawal symptoms yesterday when there were none, there has been no bread either. yesterday or today. People seem to panic dreadfully. We have enough to last a day or two yet. I tried to do my usual online shop this morning but cannot get one till Sunday, won’t let that happen again. Every time the snow goes off we say that must be the end but it comes on again, just when you have got the paths clear. Our neighbours have been fabulous clearing our driveway our car and putting down salt and sand. It does seem strange people doing things like that for you but we are the old ones here. Stuart will be 71 in January and I will be 68 on Thursday but feeling very fit, but if we go to help we get sent inside again. Wonderful neighbours are such a blessing. A few weeks ago we bought one of those Wii game machines and are doing the fitness program on there every day, we are on week three and what a difference it has made to us suddenly our legs are working full speed again I can run upstairs no bother at all, what a super invention it is exercising in the warmth of you lounge is the bees knees. The snow is still falling, never known it to stay so long with no sign of it going and when it does it will take a long time to melt there is so much of it. Thank goodness we have a little shop within walking distance it is so handy. Take care and keep warm,

Love Joan.


Monday morning.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We've no snow here yet but they say bitter cold and snow starting tomorrow. I am glad I don't go out to work anymore. Great to hear about that exercise wii . They do say keeping active helps to make you feel better. Stay safe with all that snow.

Stuart said...

Your snow is much worse than ours.
I like it when it snows.
I like it when we can't get out.

Sara said...

Ooh it's so pretty Joan, but causes such a nuisance doesn't it! I smiled at your neighbours for helping you out :o)

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan how lovely that your Neighbours are taking care of you both ~ and I am glad you have a little shop in walking distance ~ Our snow isn't as bad as yours although it is causing some holdups of traffic ~ and lots of little traffic accidents ~ Roll on the Spring :O) ~ Ally x

Angie said...

Happy St Andrew;s Day! That's for a start.

I like your attitude to the snowy spell! Philosophical is the only way to be; you can't change it. If you have the necessities and you're warm, enjoy it, say I.

Sybil said...

Hi Joan, I was speakinmg last night to my friends in elie and they were saying the same about the snow and their home is right on the beach in Elie, very rare for any snow lying around there. Thankfully although lying thick all around us it has mostlymissed us in Box. Just a light dusting but has been enough to maroon me since Friday as it fell it turned to ice !! Keep warm and safe..
Great news about the Wifi...keep it up, you will be climbing the mountains before long...
Love Sybil x

Jeannette said...

Snow is so disruptive isn't it? We've had six inches of the stuff today and no sign of it stopping! I had to walk home from work, nearly two miles, buses are all stopped and if it's as bad tomorrow I'll not be walking into work again, no sense in injuring yourself is there?! I'm glad you're enjoying your wii machine, maybe we'll see you in the 2012 Olympics?!! Stay warm and safe Joan. Jeannette xx

Julie said...

That is wonderful your neighbors doing that for you. I have to watch my neighbors or they push their snow into our drive. So far we just have a sprinkling of snow. I know more will come.

I always wanted a Wii. I know several people who exercise to them. sounds like fun. It would probably be cheaper for us then the gym. Stay warm.

Jeanie said...

Aye Joan it's awful weather right enough. We have the snow here in the lakes too. It's the wind chill factor that does me in. I could hardly see for watery eyes the other day when I had to walk down to our surgery. I bet you had a great time with the Wii. I played it with my grandchildren when they brought theirs. Super Mario or something like that. What a scream that was. I was useless! hahahaha!
You will be fighting fit before you know it with yours. Way to go!!!!
Jeanie xx

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