Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Oh My Aching Back

Hi, I can hardly believe that it is almost two weeks since I wrote a word in here did update 'My Bookcase' but that's been it. Not much been going on here other than I have done something to my neck and back so I am going to have to take a break from the PC till it gets a bit less painful.
Weather wise up here it is still cold some days a bit better the next, we have had a cold easterly wind and a harr of the North Sea today even though I live a bit inland and some rain too. We have managed to get caught up in the garden at last and everything is looking great. Will try to post some pictures when we get a bit of sun as our Rhododendrons are just about to flower.
We had some bad news last week remember the wedding we were at in last September well sadly the groom died last week it as so sad as they had such a little time together. They have been living in the south of England since the wedding but now my friend will be returning home. Don't know what she is going to do will have to wait till she comes home again.
I think that's about it for just now will try to keep up back and neck permitting but I do spent too much time on here and will have to cut down drastically. Till next time.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday's Words.

Good Evening, don't take the lovely graphic (Thank you Sugar) too seriously although the south of the country was warm and sunny we had gloom and cold winds, what we call in Scotland haar. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow and it will be a little warmerg.
Could not get out today as I had a doctor's appointment for a itch won't say where but the cream she gave me is working already. We were also waiting for yes you've guessed it the plumber, we have another leek at the new radiator and lastly Tesco's with with this weeks shopping so a busy day for us.
This afternoon I went into the kitchen to make a coffee and I saw one of our tiniest of summer visitors there were three Willow Warblers up the Rowan Tree at the bottom of our garden. This is very early for us to see these little smashers it is usually May before they reach us here. Made our day.
Last night I updated my bird watching diary if you are interested the link is in the sidebar. Till next time Love Joan.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Good Morning.

Thank you Missie for this lovely tag.

Good Morning it's me again still here and still trying to get well. Things are a lot better now the pains I have had in my chest are abating at long last and the cough has gone. I have been trying to get out and about a bit this week sometimes in the car other times trying to walk a bit, that has been hard as it has been cold and windy this week and it has been difficult to get a breath at times. This morning it was raining too when I walked round for a paper.Enough of of the medical report.
Stuart went out to give the grass its first cut at the weekend, after he had lugged the mower out of the shed got all the wires sorted and plugged in it started up and then bang it blew up. Think the damp of the winter must have got into the wiring or something it was only about four years old so we were not very happy about that. We have been up to the DIY store and bought a new one so that should be us for a while, nothing seems to last these days it's like toasters and kettles they used to last for years, now you are lucky to get a year out of them.
We are way behind in the garden what with me being out of commission and the weather this week we have barely started so we are hoping it will get a bit milder and dryer so we can make a start. Have some seeds to get planted so maybe I will get that done, that should not be too hard for me and just maybe Stu will allow me to do that. I had a surprise this morning I had a Begonia last year and I had popped it into a pot at the end of last summer as it still had a lot of flowers to come, later in the year I put it in the vestibule to rest then a few weeks ago I placed it on the kitchen window and low and behold this morning a lovely little shoot has appeared so hopefully it will go out again in the garden this summer and flower it's wee heart out.
I have been reading journals while I have been ill although not commenting much but have noticed so many seem to have disappeared which is so sad I seem to have lost so many friends, hopefully they will come back it awful to have lost so many from J-land.
Seems to be drying up a bit outside now hope that's the end of the rain for today so till next time. Love,


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Where Did March Go.

Good Morning, At last I am feeling a bit more like my old self. I managed out for a run in the car yesterday for the first time. What a difference three weeks makes at this time of the year the Daffodils, Forsythia the Blackthorn have all got the Spring dresses on and the grass is green again and the trees are budding, it all looked so wonderful yesterday and even the sun was shining. It was so good to get out for a couple of hours. I would like to thank you all again for the good wishes and prayers. It has been just one thing after another a lot of was side effects from the very strong Antibiotics I was given. I have a bad allergy to penicillin so in makes prescribing antibiotics difficult for the doctors, the ones I ended up on were supposedly like Domestos (strong bleach) so no wonder I am suffering, still I am so much better. I think what was so alarming was the speed it knocked me down. I was fine on the Wednesday just a bit of a cough Thursday lunchtime I phoned for an doctors appointment and managed to get one at 5pm and by that time I was really unwell and went straight to bed when I got back and that was the beginning of my dreadful three weeks. Hopefully it is all behind me now, poor Stuart is absolutely exhausted trying to keep up with everything including the ironing but I think he has learned a lot and his cooking is coming on great too.Richard too has been trying to help cooking up a storm one evening and filling the freezer with homemade soups and pasta sauces, full of goodness he said.
Today we are waiting for the plumber yet again as the wash hand basin in our nice new bathroom is still leaking, it has never been right but with everything else that has been going on we had not noticed it again, and Tesco's shopping will be here this afternoon its just like Christmas love shopping online. Only made one mistake last week ordered a Quiche and it turned out it was an individual one we had ordered so there was not enough for us both so Stu bought another one locally.
Have been doing a lot of reading and thought it was very funny that the book I was reading in hospital was very aptly named 'The Book Of the Dead' by Patricia Cornwell on of the nurses thought it was very funny. Got through a few more books mostly rubbishy things but that all I could concentrate on. Well I think that's about it for now not a lot happens when you are not out and about but things will get better I hope. Till next time,
Love Joan.

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