Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Where Did March Go.

Good Morning, At last I am feeling a bit more like my old self. I managed out for a run in the car yesterday for the first time. What a difference three weeks makes at this time of the year the Daffodils, Forsythia the Blackthorn have all got the Spring dresses on and the grass is green again and the trees are budding, it all looked so wonderful yesterday and even the sun was shining. It was so good to get out for a couple of hours. I would like to thank you all again for the good wishes and prayers. It has been just one thing after another a lot of was side effects from the very strong Antibiotics I was given. I have a bad allergy to penicillin so in makes prescribing antibiotics difficult for the doctors, the ones I ended up on were supposedly like Domestos (strong bleach) so no wonder I am suffering, still I am so much better. I think what was so alarming was the speed it knocked me down. I was fine on the Wednesday just a bit of a cough Thursday lunchtime I phoned for an doctors appointment and managed to get one at 5pm and by that time I was really unwell and went straight to bed when I got back and that was the beginning of my dreadful three weeks. Hopefully it is all behind me now, poor Stuart is absolutely exhausted trying to keep up with everything including the ironing but I think he has learned a lot and his cooking is coming on great too.Richard too has been trying to help cooking up a storm one evening and filling the freezer with homemade soups and pasta sauces, full of goodness he said.
Today we are waiting for the plumber yet again as the wash hand basin in our nice new bathroom is still leaking, it has never been right but with everything else that has been going on we had not noticed it again, and Tesco's shopping will be here this afternoon its just like Christmas love shopping online. Only made one mistake last week ordered a Quiche and it turned out it was an individual one we had ordered so there was not enough for us both so Stu bought another one locally.
Have been doing a lot of reading and thought it was very funny that the book I was reading in hospital was very aptly named 'The Book Of the Dead' by Patricia Cornwell on of the nurses thought it was very funny. Got through a few more books mostly rubbishy things but that all I could concentrate on. Well I think that's about it for now not a lot happens when you are not out and about but things will get better I hope. Till next time,
Love Joan.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to hear you are at long last doing better. Spring is lovely and having such a nice day to be out in must have lifted your spirits for sure. We are still working at that one. No blooming here yet. Take good care ! 'On Ya'-ma

Yasmin said...

Nice to see a post from you Jaon and so glad to hear your so much better, just in time for has been lovely hasn't it. I'm so behind in my reading i'll use the weekend to catch up.

Take care


Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan it is so good to hear you are feeling much better ~ I agree don't the spring flowers look lovely it is so nice to see the trees in bud ~ and all that beautiful Forsythia in bloom ~ glad Stuart is coping well with the Ironing :o) hope that plumber fix's you leaking sink ~ Ally x

Stuart said...

Oh I am so glad to hear yu are on the mend at last what an awful rough time you have had

Sybil said...

Great to see you back with us in the land of the living as they say !! It has seemed an age since we saw your cheerful self..So glad that you are so much better and will soon be able to really enjoy the springtime.
Much Love Sybil xx

Bunny said...

Good to know you are back in circulation, Joan. You must feel like Rip Van Winkle!

Kath said...

Hi Joan,I have been offline a week due to my pooter having surgery and a facelift LOL.It's good to read you are much better.Isn't it great to get out and about after such a long winter.Everything is looking so lovely isn't it al the spring flowers and plants peeping through.Clap Clap to Stuart he has been a trooper tell him from me no wonder he is worn out.Prayers you are on th eup and up now and I do hope the plumbing gets sorted for you quickly.Look after yourself and take things steady away.Had to laugh at the book title he-he.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Mark and Elayne said...

I am so glad to hear your on the mend.
Miss you :)

Angie said...

Welcome back Joan; pleased you're in finer fettle than the last time you posted. Getting out will have done you the world of good but you will wrap up warm won't you?

What did you think of 'Book of the Dead'? I am a great Cornwell fan and the book kept me gripped from start to finish, as hers usually do. I just wish I could see why she wants to make Marino the lout he is now as opposed to the soft-centred over-protective gentle giant he used to be. Well, I can see WHY but I wish she hadn't.

Now might be a better time to wish you a happy new year, seeing as the original didn't go to plan healthwise!

love, Angie, xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Gosh, Joan, I'm wondering where the last two months went. I've been batting strep and sinus infections and never seem to have the energy to open up a blog. Finally, I'm hoping all is well. Glad you are feeling better. Our forsythia in the northern US still hasn't budded yet. It was a harsh winter. There are a few buds starting on things but slowly. Glad Stuart was so good about taking care of things for you. xx

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