Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday's Words.

Good Evening, don't take the lovely graphic (Thank you Sugar) too seriously although the south of the country was warm and sunny we had gloom and cold winds, what we call in Scotland haar. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow and it will be a little warmerg.
Could not get out today as I had a doctor's appointment for a itch won't say where but the cream she gave me is working already. We were also waiting for yes you've guessed it the plumber, we have another leek at the new radiator and lastly Tesco's with with this weeks shopping so a busy day for us.
This afternoon I went into the kitchen to make a coffee and I saw one of our tiniest of summer visitors there were three Willow Warblers up the Rowan Tree at the bottom of our garden. This is very early for us to see these little smashers it is usually May before they reach us here. Made our day.
Last night I updated my bird watching diary if you are interested the link is in the sidebar. Till next time Love Joan.


Sugar said...

spring will be there soon. ;)
i get a cream for a itch too, that reappears from time to time. grrr
sorry to hear of the leak. :(
waiting for hummers to appear her, in our area they're to appear in a couple of weeks. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are having the same kind of weather today. It will warm up tomorrow and Friday and we'll have sunshine they say. Hope you get those leaks fixed and it is finally finished for you--what an aggrivation. So nice you had the early visitors, maybe they know it'll soon be warmer there.
'On Ya'-ma

Stuart said...

canestan the itch Dr! as they say in Glasgow

Missie said...

I don't think Spring is ever coming to PA! I didn't know you had a bird blog. I love wild birds. Going to check it out now.

Hollie said...

I would have loved to have seen your little visitors. I hope you got the leak fixed.

Marie said...

We were blessed enough to have a gorgeous day here yesterday. It was very summerlike. I do hear that bad weather is on it's way though!

Jan said...

Very dull today after a horific thunder ,and lightning storm last night ,another leak oh Joan Im so sorry you must be soooo fed up with allthe problems you have had Jan xx

Yasmin said...

Hi Joan, it seems Spring has been and gone quite a fierce thunderstorm last night has left today dark and gloomy. Hope your health continues to improve, and laso the plumber gets the radiator working properly.

Take care


Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan I do hope that plumber sorts out your leaks soon ~
We had 3 Woodpeckers on the bird table today I thought it was early for them to be about ~ but lovely to see ~ Ally x

Jeannette said...

I'm sorry it hasn't warmed up in Scotland yet Joan. People keep telling me it's warm here but after returning from the Caribbean where it was 90F in the shade I don't feel a bit warm yet! I'm sorry you're still having problems with the plumbing, it seems never ending for you. I hope it gets put right soon! Jeannette xx

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