Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Wee Update.

Hi, thought I would pop up or a moment and let you know how I have been doing the last week or so. First of all I would like to say a great big thank you for all the kind thoughts prayers and good wishes. Since I last wrote in this journal I have been in hospital and out again, was having a lot of bother breathing so I had to get this fixed. Am still a long way from being ok and have been warned this is going to take a bit of time for me to be back up and running again. Have been reading journals when I can but my concentration is not great with all the pain killers I am taking at the moment. Stuart is doing a great job looking after me nothing is too much trouble for him, I am so lucky. Today we are waiting for our first online shop from Tesco, am really looking forward to that, Stuart could have managed to go but it meant he would have been away for about 2 hours and he did not want to leave me for this length of time at the moment. We have been meaning to try this method of shopping before this but the occasion did not arrive till now. Think thats about it for just now hope you are all well and thank you again for the support. Love

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hi just a short entry to say I will not be around much for the next week or two for some reason unbeknown to me I have managed to get Pneumonia. I had a bit of a cough from early on in the week but by Thursday it had become out of control. So I managed to get an appointment with the locum and she said chest infection and gave me antibiotics. During Thursday night I got steadily worse so we had to call out NHS 24 We had a Paramedic here and an ambulance within minutes did all the test for a heart attack all was well with that dept. I then had a call from the on call doctor she said all was well other than a temperate and to take, guessed it Paracetamol the tablet or every occasion. Friday I was getting worse all day the antibiotics were upsetting my stomach and I ached from to to bottom. Last night we had to call out NHS 24 again diffeart doc he said Pneumonia and he would try to keep me out of hospital so more antibiotics and steroids to help me along. So here I sit in bed poor Stuart is being nurse housekeeper etc but the stairs take it out of you. Today I have been a wee bit better and hopefully all the pills I am taking will soon have me back up and about. People around have been so kind phone calls visits not to me but Stuart spoke to them I have even had flowers for the neighbour across the road. Will have to go now am very tired after writing this put in a good word for me upstairs please.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Supplement.

Its been a dreadful day here today, it has been blowing a blizzard for most of the day, the snow has not stayed any time on the road but it is lying in the garden. So all in all a horrible cold day. We have been busy or at least Stuart has with the decorating of the bathroom and phoning the plumber for bits and pieces that needed fixing, don't want to start ranting about that again after last week. My bruising is doing away well and has started to turn yellow so it makes a change.
Yesterday we decided to have a trip up to Loch Garten, the home of the Ospreys that I talk about in the summer, no Ospreys just now they are packing their suitcases to get ready to migrate from their winter holidays in The Gambia and should be with us at the end of this month. All was quiet at the reserve yesterday but we did have a walk up to the feeders and saw all the usual birds you expect Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and don't forget the Robin. The were ever so many Squirrels and I managed to catch the photograph below of the one and am very pleased with the result as they don't sit still very long.
As you can see from the photograph below it was a driech day over the mountains and it was very cold. We had heard of a special bird that was wintering up that way but there was no signs of it and we just about froze to death looking for it maybe another day when it is not so windy.
This next picture is not upside down it is a reflection in a little pond with the raindrops.
I just loved all the different colours of Lichen and grasses in this next photo it was so pretty on the moorland and brightened it up with its lovely colours.
It was a long day and we were tired when we got back, we were away over 12 hours, on such a cold day it does make you tired, we had all sorts of weather wind very heavy rain and the sun did try, all be it unsuccessfully but we did enjoy seeing the highlands with her winter coat on. Think thats about it for today hope you enjoyed the photographs so till next time. Love,

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Humpty Dumpty,

Good afternoon quite a nice day up here sunny with one or two showers. This does not seem to be my week at all, the saga of the bathroom continues with a leak in the new radiator not a big leak but a drip drip. The water pressure seems to be getting worse so will have to phone the plumber tomorrow to see what can be done.
As I was saying in my last entry there has been an awful mess with the bathroom going in and I had to wash the varnished stairs on Thursday after the plumber had left. I said to Stuart later I thought the steps had become very slippery and could not understand why as it was just water on the mop. Yesterday afternoon I was coming downstairs when my feet went from under me and I fell very heavily on my hip and back. Poor Stuart must have got the fright of his life as I was screaming with the pain I have never felt pain like it in my life it was horrific. Stu ran to help and calmed me down and managed to get me upright on the step I just sat there till the pain eased. I really thought I had broken something but all seemed well after the worst of the pain eased off a bit. Today I have the most gorgeous bruise about the size of a dinner plate but it is not nearly as bad as it could have been. Managed a short walk this morning but the rain came on and made us turn back, pity, as I was enjoying it. Not much else to say today today and hope nothing else happens for the moment enough is enough. Maybe the new month will change the run of things. Stu always thinks the 1st of March is the beginning of Spring, certainly hope so. till next time Love,
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