Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Supplement.

Its been a dreadful day here today, it has been blowing a blizzard for most of the day, the snow has not stayed any time on the road but it is lying in the garden. So all in all a horrible cold day. We have been busy or at least Stuart has with the decorating of the bathroom and phoning the plumber for bits and pieces that needed fixing, don't want to start ranting about that again after last week. My bruising is doing away well and has started to turn yellow so it makes a change.
Yesterday we decided to have a trip up to Loch Garten, the home of the Ospreys that I talk about in the summer, no Ospreys just now they are packing their suitcases to get ready to migrate from their winter holidays in The Gambia and should be with us at the end of this month. All was quiet at the reserve yesterday but we did have a walk up to the feeders and saw all the usual birds you expect Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and don't forget the Robin. The were ever so many Squirrels and I managed to catch the photograph below of the one and am very pleased with the result as they don't sit still very long.
As you can see from the photograph below it was a driech day over the mountains and it was very cold. We had heard of a special bird that was wintering up that way but there was no signs of it and we just about froze to death looking for it maybe another day when it is not so windy.
This next picture is not upside down it is a reflection in a little pond with the raindrops.
I just loved all the different colours of Lichen and grasses in this next photo it was so pretty on the moorland and brightened it up with its lovely colours.
It was a long day and we were tired when we got back, we were away over 12 hours, on such a cold day it does make you tired, we had all sorts of weather wind very heavy rain and the sun did try, all be it unsuccessfully but we did enjoy seeing the highlands with her winter coat on. Think thats about it for today hope you enjoyed the photographs so till next time. Love,


Jan said...

Yes Thankyou Joan, I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures ,very artistic with the lichen ,then the one of the reflection of the puddle ,I hope the bathroom saga soon comes to an end ,and hope your bruises soon fade away Jan xx

Yasmin said...

As usual great photo's you have a good eye for detail. glad your bruising is better and hope your taking it easy, hopefully the bathroom will be finished soon and no more dcorating.Very cold windy and rainy down here although bright, can't wait for spring.

Take care


Sugar said...

lovely pics, ty for sharing with us. :)
the bruises will slowly fade away....don't do too much.
know you'll be happy when the bathrm is all done.
terribly cold here today too, the wind feels like ice.

Hollie said...

I'm so sorry that you are still having wretched weather.I loved the photos! It's very nice here...sunny & in the 70s. I'll send some your way.

Sybil said...

What lovely pictures of up north but it does look cold..I was just speaking to my friend in Elie and she was speaking about the blizzard today... I am looking forard to your summer photo's now as I am sure next time you will be able to see the Osbreys.
Lots of Love sybil xx

Kath said...

It's been a nightmare of a day here Jooan too.Gale force winds and heavy rain.Even though like Stuart I have been decorating still most of the day.Your pictures are beautiful you are a very good photographer.How you stood that cold for so long i'll never know Brrrrrrr.I would have wanted home LOL!!Happy you got out though and enjoyed it.I hope you get your bits and pieces sorted out withthe plumber and al is soon done and dusted.Good to know the bruising is fading .Take care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Hi Joan, its bitterly cold here today too but we only had rain this afternoon. I love the photos and its lovely to see the photo of the red squirrel, we only have the unwelcome greys here. Good luck with the bathroom and I`m glad the bruising is fading. Take care.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did enjoy your lovely photos especially the reflection in the pond. You are brave to whether the weather like that. We've had rain all day and thankful for no snow. Glad to hear that bruise is healing up. I'm late getting around to blogs tonight and will probably finish up tomorrow. Take care ! 'On Ya'-ma

Stuart said...

It was an interesting day weather wise wasn't it - strong winds and lots of snow - you are braver than me - we stayed in after church.....not even the dog would look out the door!

Jeanie said...

Good to read that your bruising has nearly gone. YOu were lucky ther Joan!
Lovely photos too. You are just like see the beauty in everything around you.
Well done capturing the squirrel like that! A red one too! We seem to only see grey ones these days.
I enjoyed my visit with you.
Jeanie xxxx

natalie said...

beautiful Joan!
come and see me

natalie said...

I didn't know that you were so into animals and birds! I am too!
I found out that tow different types of robins come here
p.s. I am parts Scots

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