Sunday, 1 March 2009

Humpty Dumpty,

Good afternoon quite a nice day up here sunny with one or two showers. This does not seem to be my week at all, the saga of the bathroom continues with a leak in the new radiator not a big leak but a drip drip. The water pressure seems to be getting worse so will have to phone the plumber tomorrow to see what can be done.
As I was saying in my last entry there has been an awful mess with the bathroom going in and I had to wash the varnished stairs on Thursday after the plumber had left. I said to Stuart later I thought the steps had become very slippery and could not understand why as it was just water on the mop. Yesterday afternoon I was coming downstairs when my feet went from under me and I fell very heavily on my hip and back. Poor Stuart must have got the fright of his life as I was screaming with the pain I have never felt pain like it in my life it was horrific. Stu ran to help and calmed me down and managed to get me upright on the step I just sat there till the pain eased. I really thought I had broken something but all seemed well after the worst of the pain eased off a bit. Today I have the most gorgeous bruise about the size of a dinner plate but it is not nearly as bad as it could have been. Managed a short walk this morning but the rain came on and made us turn back, pity, as I was enjoying it. Not much else to say today today and hope nothing else happens for the moment enough is enough. Maybe the new month will change the run of things. Stu always thinks the 1st of March is the beginning of Spring, certainly hope so. till next time Love,
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Julie said...

How terrible, I hate falling. Do you have dusting spray on the mop maybe? Hope you feel better soon and glad nothing was broken.

Jan said...

Oh Joan my dear girl , I hope your back is better now the bruise is out ,I know all about back pain ,so can feel for you ,Hmm I do hope the saga of the bathroom can be sorted out after your phone call tomorrow ,have you had time to read anything lately ?I have discovered the Author Peter Robinson,and enjoyed a couple of his books ,I love the snow drop picture ,and the primroses.. take care now Jan xx

Stuart said...

Ouch I once fell like that on the stairs it hurt for months afterwards and you get such a fright!

We once had problems with water pressure after a plumber visited. It was as it turned out easily fixed - the plumber hadn't turned the stop cock on again properly. Two turns and it was fixed. Might be worth getting Stuart to check them all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to hear you are ok after taking that fall on the stairs. That is one of my worst fears. I always hold the hand rail going down. I do hope the plumber gets it right for you and finally all will be as it should. Take good care ! 'On Ya'-ma

Ally Lifewithally said...

Joan glad to know you didn't break any bones ~ it comes as a shock when you fall down stairs ~ Hope the plumber fixes that leak for you without any more problems ~ Ally x

Kath said...

Well Joan you poor girl,I feel so sorry for you.It's one thing after another isn't it? I hate falls especially on stairs they are frightening you are right, such a shock runs through the body.Iv'e had my share of large bruises and they are not very nice.I hope you don't get after pains from this fall.Lets hope the blinking workmen come back and finish the job properly and get your water pressure back to what it was before they started the job..Grrr.Happy you enjoyed your short walk it has been sunny here too but very cold and has to get colder this week it states Brr.Roll on spring.I need something to change just like you.This winter has seemed far too long for my liking.Prayers you soon feel much better.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Yasmin said...

Ouch Joan, taking a tumble like that, thankfully nothing worse than bruising, but rest up as much as you can. Lets hope the bathroom gets done this week as well as the leaky radiator.

Take care


ps Jan's right Peter robinson is very good I've read a few of his.

Marie said...

Oh my goodness Joan! Thank heavens nothing was broken!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you have had more than your share of really rotten events. Thank goodness you didn't break a hip. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful pictures of Scotland. I am using the snowdrop picture as a screensaver, and it is beautiful.

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