Friday, 4 March 2011

The Saga of the roof.

Thought I should update you on the roof. We are still in the middle of things, this job seems to be taking forever. The outside work is finished thank goodness but they took so long and we had had so much rain we had to be dried off again with a dehumidifier. So now we are dry the room is half papered the radiator is still off the wall and we now are waiting on the painter to come. As you can well imagine we are both really fed up with it all there just does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last Monday we decided as nobody was expected that day we would go on a wee run in the car. It was a wonderful day a cloudless blue sky and not too cold for this time of year. We too off for Creiff for coffee and scones then a run up to the bottom of the Sma Glen but the road we wanted to take was closed, been trying to find out why it is now six months which is a long time for a main road to be closed, maybe next time. We about turned and drove back out one thing about doing that in Scotland it all looks so different when you are going the other way there is so much to see. We stopped at a place known a the Buchanty Spout and we took some photographs. It is a very dangerous spot just now as the ground is still wet and very slippery so we were very careful not to fall or it would have been the end and you know what I'm like for falling down. Now as you know photos go in at the top and they won't drag for me so I will do another entry with the photographs. This is the one thing that annoys me the difficulty we have with pictures going in, have tried all ways it really ruins my enjoyment of putting pictures in altogether. To return to our day away it was lovely at the falls they are not huge but they are lovely and the light was great that day as you can see from the pictures. The sun shone all day and we really enjoyed our day away. Till next time when I hope to say the work is done at last. Love and take care. Joan.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How terrible that you are still undergoing roof repairs. I know you will be celebrating for sure when it is all completed and done with. Your pictures are beautiful and It must have felt really good to get away for the day. We've not had many pretty days and I've been mostly house bound for so long I know I'd love to get out and about. I can hardly stand the wait for our camping season to begin again. Hope all goes well there and very soon all will be done.

Jan said...

If your header picture is an example of the pictures you have taken ,we are in for a treat ,I bet you are well fed up with the roof problems 'builders A? hopefully it wont be long now till you get your home back Jan xx

Sybil said...

Glad at least that you were able to get our and away for a day Joan..You have had such an awful time these past few months...I am glad to see you have trouble with the pictures as well...well not glad actually but glad to see others have the same problem as I do...I began to think it was just me !! Thanks for sharing
Love Sybil x

Deborah said...

Joan~What I find amazing is that your woods/stream photos look just like New England--rocks and all. I love photography so I also wanted to tell you that I love that shot of the sunset. Good luck with the roof project. Deb fr PA, US

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