Friday, 1 October 2010

Trials and Tribulations.

Good Morning, it has been a long time since I updated you on what’s what. The main problem has been Live Writer mine disappeared for some unknown reason to me. I tried and tried and in the end messed up my pc completely. I had my PC engineer in yesterday and she had to take my laptop back to factory condition so I have lost an awful lot of photographs graphics etc, the good thing is that I have also lost all the junk that had collected over the past three years.  So hopefully it will be ok now.Since I got back online I discovered that Live Writer launched a new edition of their writer so maybe the old one does not work now.

Last  Friday I had  an accident at home I picked up a pot with a metal handle that had been over a naked  flame. I saw the nurse and doctor and was referred to the burns unit in Dundee.  They took the to roof of the biggest blister and then removed my very tight wedding ring with the aid of gut wound round my finger and a lot of force and pain. My knuckles were skinned in the process but all is well now.

We are off for a short break up to Grantown on Spey next week so I will have to take a lot of pictures.  I do have some of my older ones on a memory stick so all is not lost but don’t want to put them all back on my nice clean computer.

We have also had the decorator on doing our bedroom so that is looking nice now lounge is next when we get back.

That’s about all for now am supposed to have wifi where we are going so maybe will write to you then. Till next time take care.


Aileen said...

Hope you are healing well now....and looking forward to Holidays.We had a lovely stay in Grantown on Spey...a long time ago now.
Miss your comments


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad that all is well now. You have had a time of it. Computer woes are frustrating to say the least and that burn must of really hurt. Enjoy your trip and take lots of new pictures for us to see. I hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

Jeanie said...

Awwww! Joan!
That burn must have made you jump through the ceiling. It sounds an awful bad one too.
I'm sorry about all the pain you got on taking off yor ring. Sheeesh! I can't bear thinking about it.
Hope you heal fast.
Enjoy your holiday.
I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. Hope the rain stays away.

Jeanie xx

Jan said...

Oh Dear Joan ,that sounds painful ,I do hope you are on the mend now ,have a lovely holiday ,I am reading the the third in the series 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' cant put them down have you read them ? Jan xx

Sybil said...

What a shame about the fingers..hope they heal soon.
Glad that you are back with us again though. Looking forward to reading all about the holiday.
Love sybil x

Yasmin said...

Sorry to hear about your burn they can be nasty but you on the road to recovery Smiles..have you tried using photobucket etc for your pics at least you won't lose them.
Have a lovely break and hope it's not too cold

Take care


Missie said...

OUCH! Just reading about your burn made me hurt. Burns are so painful. I hope you continue to heal well.

I've never had a problem with live writer and hope I never do. I wonder what could have happend?

Have a good weekend and take it easy with your hand.

Angie said...

OUCH! I have never heard of having a ring taken off that way

Jeannette said...

Second attempt! I'm sorry to hear of your accident Joan, I know from personal experience how bad burns can be. I hope it clears up soon. Sorry also to hear of your computer problems, I lost lots of stuff when my hard drive crashed last year, I now have an external hard drive to back up everything. Have a lovely holiday Joan and Stuart, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos! Now let's hope Blogger will let me post this! Jeannette xx


The burn sounds dreadful. I'm glad it is healing. When will you be able to get your wedding ring back on? Also sad to hear of all your computer woes. Missed you. Glad to see you're back. Looking forward to the photos. Have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

have a good few days away, dabble with the wi-fi on quiet nights. Burns are ouch ouch ouch! hope that's healing ok.

Ally Lifewithally said...

My Dear Joan I do hope everything has healed by now ~ Hope it wont b e long before you can get that ring back on your finger ~ Ally

Astra! said...

Hi Joan...I was browsing and thought i would stop by and say hello. Its been quite some time since i visited your blog and many others i dare say...I like the layout of your blog it looks really lovely. I have just started to write more often in my blog's again...I do hope your burn has got better by now...Best wishes and take care...Astra!

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