Friday, 11 February 2011

roof Update

Just a little update about the roof. If you read my entry earlier this week you may remember that we have a leaking roof due to the dreadful weather we had earlier this year. Well the good news is the builder and the painters are arriving on Monday. A little prayer it is not blowing a gale or snowing on Monday morning. Take care Love Joan

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's Been A While.

It's been a long time since my last entry a lot has been happening up here. The dreadful winter weather we had during the last part of November all of December and part of January has left me with a leaking rook. According to the first inspection the ice that formed during our big freeze lifted the tiles on the roof and one of the gutterscame away making the water pour down from the corner of the house. A dehumidifier was delivered and a painter came in a scrapped all the paper off the bedroom walls. Another inspection declared the room dry so we now had to wait till a roofer was available. Then February came and you know what they say about February it brings the rain and it did torrents of it and yes you have guessed the roof leaked again so the inside roof and wall are wet again. Another inspection yesterday and at last someone went up onto the roof to take a look. He now says the pointing has been burst on the corner of the house moving the guttering. He will now send in another report. You may remember we just had our bedroom decorated in September and a new carpet etc so it is really annoying as now it is like living in a squat with no paper on the walls a leaking roof no furniture in the room with the exception of the beds. This has all happened since the start of the year. I just wish someone would come and get started. Stuart has been saying all along to the insurance company that we should fix the outside first before we dry off the inside and repaper the room. Enough of that now will keep you posted.
We were not been out and about very much in January our pavements were so bad we had to use the car as the road was better than where we were supposed to walk. Now the weather has eased a bit although as I write we have new snow on the ground, it fell on Monday and shows no signs of shifting from the countryside around.
We are now counting the days till the 1st of March that's when we like to say Spring has Sprung. Oh to get out in the garden which is in a dreadful state everything looks so dead. When I was out this morning tending the bird feeders there was a Blackbird singing so there is hope.
I was so sad last week to hear of the passing of Angie (Can You Hear Me at the Back) it was so sudden, I, like many will miss her a lot you always got a laugh at her entries she was always cheerful.
That's about it for today. Take care till next time.

Love Joan

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