Friday, 23 October 2009

Thinking of Days Gone By


Last Friday Stuart did not have an art class and as the sun was shining from a cloudless October sky we thought we would have one of our grand days out. We set of for Crieff and coffee and scones at the visitors centre where we had a quick read of the papers sitting at a sunny window with our drinks. We then headed to Loch Earn and this is what got me thinking of day gone by. When I was a little girl my parents had a motor bike and sidecar and we toured a great deal in it. One of the runs we used to take was to this loch in fact it was where I had my very first holiday when my Dad got home from the war in so it must have been 1946 by my reckoning. On our runs and holidays there we always stopped to see 'The St Fillians Dragon'. It is a hand painted very large rock that has been painted to look like a dragon. As a child I was terrified of the dragon from the roadside and one day I was taken over the field and the railway line to see it up close to show me there was nothing to be afraid of. Even up close I was not convinced it was not real. We could not get a picture of it on Friday as there is no parking all along the road. I do have a picture of myself and my Mum and Dad standing under it but I cannot put my hand on it just now. I have however found one or two on Wikepedia to let you see what I am talking about. Unfortunately I cannot get the pictures to download on here so if you click the link you will see my dragon.

I don't know what it is just now but I am in a remembering mood, Stuart must be sick listening to me. I have been gifted with the great memory and can recall the slightest detail about things, sometimes it's a good thing other times you don't want to remember.

This entry has been done over a couple of days this week, since I started it I have been to the optician had a dreadful appointment that took 2 hours, waiting 25 minutes to be seen had the test choose my frames saw the 'Optical Assistant' to get all the measurements done which took ages then he went and got another 'Optical Assistant' and she did it all over again to check his work, by the time we got out of there I was 'up to high doh and past it. What a dreadful morning we had. Reading this you will now know I am not the most patient person in the world.

I think that's about it for now will let you know how the new specs are when I pick them up on Monday, fingers crossed I will be able to see out of them after all this carry on. Take care till next time. Love


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Good Morning.


Good Morning, one thing I love about this time of year is looking at  the way everybody uses graphics for the season and for Halloween they are all super. Halloween seems to be a bigger occasion on the US side of the pond than it is here although it is getting bigger every year.

There has not been a lot happening here since my last entry now let me think .....

I  broke my spectacles last week so they are stuck together with sticky tape. Made a good job of that and you don't see it too much.  Have an appointment next week with the optician as it was time for a new pair fortunately.

Stuart has been beavering away with his artwork, we were out on Monday and collected a few bits and pieces from the hedgerows, berries and the like to give him something to paint over the next few weeks.

I have been learning to play Canasta on line and am getting there thanks to Jeannette but still have a way to go.  I am sure  some of the people online have been playing for years and years. Still it is something to pass the time now the nights are creeping in and the TV is so bad most nights.

The county side is starting to put on its Autumn coat of many colours, it still has a way to go as we have not had a bad frost to help it along.

The Greylag and Pink footed Geese are back with us after the breeding season in the Arctic the skies are just full of them just now it is special to see them.  Some of them will continue South but a few thousand will stay all winter unless the our loch freezes over as that is where they spend the night brrrrrrrrrrr.

Think that about all the happenings from my neck of the woods for now so till next time. Take Care Love Joan

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