Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed in……


Good morning I thought I should put pen to paper so to speak and let you know what is happening up here the frozen north. We have almost 2 feet of snow and there is not a lot of movement other than neighbours digging themselves out. Everybody round here is off work nobody can get out of the street. I think one or two hardy soles tried earlier I just hope they can get back. Living in a small rural town nobody actually works here they all travel to work. There are papers today which has pleased Stuart no end, he had withdrawal symptoms yesterday when there were none, there has been no bread either. yesterday or today. People seem to panic dreadfully. We have enough to last a day or two yet. I tried to do my usual online shop this morning but cannot get one till Sunday, won’t let that happen again. Every time the snow goes off we say that must be the end but it comes on again, just when you have got the paths clear. Our neighbours have been fabulous clearing our driveway our car and putting down salt and sand. It does seem strange people doing things like that for you but we are the old ones here. Stuart will be 71 in January and I will be 68 on Thursday but feeling very fit, but if we go to help we get sent inside again. Wonderful neighbours are such a blessing. A few weeks ago we bought one of those Wii game machines and are doing the fitness program on there every day, we are on week three and what a difference it has made to us suddenly our legs are working full speed again I can run upstairs no bother at all, what a super invention it is exercising in the warmth of you lounge is the bees knees. The snow is still falling, never known it to stay so long with no sign of it going and when it does it will take a long time to melt there is so much of it. Thank goodness we have a little shop within walking distance it is so handy. Take care and keep warm,

Love Joan.


Monday morning.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Busy busy and another Grand Day Out.

fall 2

Hello, it has been a while but we have been very busy with one thing or another. We have had the decorator in to do the lounge and as my stairs are open plan that means going all the way up with the decorating the top hallway included, so you can see it is a big job.  Stuart is not able now to do these things like he used to so we have to get someone in to do it for us, it does make things very expensive but since we both don’t smoke now we don’t need to have it done as often as we used to.

By Wednesday last week it was such a lovely day and the house was back to normal we thought we would have one of our ‘Grand Days Out’.  It was a beautiful November day blue sky and sunshine all the way.  We first went over to Gleneagles and the views from the top were spectacular with the snow on the mountains in the distance.

DSCF1154 - Copy


Looking down Gleneagles.


This is the famous Gleneagles Hotel and golf course home of the Ryder Cup in 2014.

After our run down the lovely glen we had morning coffee in Crieff.  Onward and forward after our refreshment we travelled up The Sma Glen where snow was lying at the side of the road we thought this was very early this year.



Schiehallion from Loch na Craig


Scheihallion [right] Ben Lawers 




Loved the way the sun was lighting up the Larch trees.



Someone left this little guy behind he looked a bit lonely.

As you can see we had a great day weather wise and the scenery was great too.  It was great to get away from the smell of paint especially as I have a bad cold just now.  Till next time take care.   Love


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