Sunday, 25 April 2010

Yet Another Day Out.

Earlier this week we had a lovely day out. We eventually arrived at a place called The Hermitage it has the most beautiful waterfalls. I have been visiting these falls since I was a little girl it is stall a favourite of mine.

These pictures do not do them justice but it is the best I can do tonight as I am having great problems with my blog. Hope I can fix it but not tonight I have had enough of this for one day this entry has taken me hours so till next time take care.  Love

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring at Last.

spring flowers[11]

Today is a day that you dream about all winter long a Spring morning warm and a cloudless blue sky.  As we walked around for the Sunday paper as we do every Sunday weather permitting that is what we said to each other.  It was a glorious morning everything looked so good the Daffodils were all smiling as we passed by like all the rest of the Spring flowers that are hurrying up to catch the best of the weather were smiling too.  It has been a winter to remember for all the wrong reasons  I am dreading the heating bill coming in it will be astronomical but you have to stay warm.
We have made a start on the garden and it is beginning to look a bit better.  We don't seem to have lost too many of our hardy plants but our Lupin has died and one of our Buddleia plants is looking a bit iffffy. We will leave it to see there in one shoot so maybe it well come away. I had a lovely Phlox that I grew from a cutting and it has gone, am sad about this as it was very special.
It was warm enough to sit out today and read your paper/book which was lovely it does you so much good sit and feel  the warmth of the sun.
I think that's about all for today I hope you too have had this lovely weather today I think we all deserve it.  till next time take care. Love


Thursday, 8 April 2010




Hello, I thought I should bring you all up to date with what I have been up to since I disappeared at the end of February.  Nothing much is the answer to that, I have been having a lot of problems with my laptop and and had to have a the PC doctor in to fix it, she recommended that I add some extra memory to it and that seems to have settled it down along with a good clean out of all the rubbish that comes into your PC on the back of things so hopefully things will be better now.

Spring is a long time coming this year we still have snow on the hills around us as I write. We have been promised warmer weather over the weekend so fingers crossed. We did have our first first Swallow this week so things are happening.  We have not been away very much of late staying very local with the price of petrol these days you have to think before you do hundred of miles.  We will need all our pennies for our holidays in just over four weeks time, we are going south to Norfolk in England to our usual cottage for our two weeks of glorious bird watching we hope if the weather is kind and the wind blows from the right direction its all very scientific you know, to bring the migrating birds to the spots we are waiting for them so keep you fingers crossed for us. 

We did not have a holiday last year and that in itself was a record as we have had a holiday every year all our life together so it seemed very strange not to go away but circumstances just did not allow for us to be away. So this year we seem to be clear so far.

I think that about it for now hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the Springtime. Till next time Love,


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