Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yes it was two again.


At last I have something to tell you about it has been four weeks since anything of any interest has been happening here.  It has been snowing continually since about Tuesday evening it is the very wet kind of snow so hopefully it will not take so long this time to go but at the moment is is about 8" of slush.

Fortunately on Monday with a cloudless sky we decided on a run in the car, so armed with binoculars camera and a picnic we set of for the Sma Glen a favourite of ours  I have written about it before. I have been visiting this glen all my life but I have never seen the river frozen. Every thing looked so cold.

DSCN0481 DSCN0478

The River Almond near Crieff. It is blue with the reflection of the sky.DSCN0480


Loch NaCraig totally frozen and sparkling.


Ben Lawers. above and below



And of course Schiehallion.

So two of what I hear you ask well here they are two little Dippers bit smaller than the size of a Blackbird but they swim in rivers and streams.  These two, a pair I reckon at this time of year, were diving in off the ice at the side of the river and swimming across on the surface something we have never seen before they usually dive under maybe the water was too cold.  They made me cold just watching them. We had a great day out and glad we did it with the lovely weather we had at the start of the week. I am wondering what it will look like today after all this snow. Just heard on the Scottish news that all of the north of Scotland is cut off, all roads north of Stirling are blocked, never heard of things being  so bad .

Here is a picture of our two intrepid swimmers standing on the ice.


That's about it for now will try to visit you all over the net couple of days.  Take care and stay cosy.



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